Best Movers in Los Angeles For 2021 | SB People’s Guide

Moving to Los Angeles can be a challenge. You have to decide who to hire, where you want your stuff delivered, and how much time it will take for everything to wrap up. As if the physical aspect isn’t stressful enough already, you also want to ensure that you stay within budget. If you’re looking for ways to make this entire process easier and less expensive, then you’re in luck. This guide will teach you how to move efficiently, plus a quick rundown of some of the best movers in the city.

Best LA Movers for 2021

In a city as massive as LA, it’s not that hard to look for moving companies. What’s challenging is finding a reliable one at an affordable price. In light of this, here are some of the top-rated movers of 2021 that Californians trust with their belongings:

  • North Star Movers: When it comes to customer service and efficiency, nothing can beat these guys. They know how to pack all sorts of stuff, load your furniture safely, and complete your move as soon as possible.
  • Imperial Moving & Storage: Imperial Moving & Storage has locations in both NYC and LA, making it a great choice for cross-country moves. They’re widely known for offering competitive prices along with comprehensive moving services and remarkable customer support.
  • Pure Moving & Storage: Whether you’re relocating long-distance or just within the hood, Pure Moving has got you covered. They offer every known moving service and are favored by locals for thoroughly listening to their customers’ demands and exceed their expectations.
  • Adept Moving & Storage: Just like its name suggests, Adept Moving are masters in getting the job done. You can trust them for their transparency and their affordable price tags that don’t compromise the quality of their services.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Locally in LA?

Statistics can be pretty confusing with different movers charging different prices. But still, if you take all the numbers into account, the average local moving cost in Los Angeles is about $750 in 2021. It’s all because of the rising living costs not only in LA but throughout the entire Golden State itself.

The Benefits of Hiring Movers

Many people take a hard pass on movers, thinking they can save more money by moving independently. But this isn’t always the case. Movers are trained professionals who know how to facilitate your move seamlessly, especially in a bustling city like Los Angeles. Here are some benefits of hiring a moving company below.

Movers Provide Convenience

Convenience is one of the primary reasons to hire movers. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to complete the operation without trouble. They know how to pack heavy items, load a truck properly, and carry your belongings to your new home without damaging them. This saves you considerable amounts of effort and allows you to focus on more important things.

Help Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Heavy lifting without experience can be dangerous without proper training and adequate experience. You might end up in the hospital with a sprained ankle or broken back if you try to do things yourself. Plus, you’ll have to pay extra on medical bills.

That said, movers know the correct way to pack, move furniture, and load them to the trucks. They also have the necessary equipment necessary for these tasks, such as dollies, ramps, and straps. So basically, you also get to save money from buying these tools yourself.


Another major advantage to hiring movers is peace of mind. You can be confident that they will work carefully because the government obliges them to take responsibility for your stuff. However, aside from the basic liability coverage, you might want to get another insurance for an extra layer of protection if you’re moving expensive appliances and furniture. This is an assurance you get from a hired company, but not when you hire to do it yourself.


After doing their job for many years, movers have etched the basics of the moving process into memory. They know the fastest and most efficient ways to get things done. More importantly, they can easily troubleshoot issues that they’ve probably encountered several times in their line of work already.

Finding the Right Moving Company

The first step to a successful move is finding good movers. While the companies in LA offer the same services, not all of them can be trusted with your belongings. Instead of going for the cheapest or most expensive option, try to find a middle-ground that matches up with your needs and budget.

Here are additional ways to make a decision you won’t regret:

  • Get multiple moving quotes. Never settle for the first offer on the table. Take some time to do a bit of research. Compare quotes from two or more providers. This will give you an idea of which company offers the best rates without going over your budget.
  • Read reviews. For your potential company, the experience of other people with them will be your experience too. Reading reviews from previous customers gives you an idea of how the company operates.
  • Last and most importantly, check if your movers are licensed and insured. Rogue movers are everywhere, waiting for an opportunity to rip your wallet. Protect yourself by checking if your potential movers are registered with the FMCSA and other legitimate organizations like the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association.

8 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Move

Moving is exciting until you pull out your calculator and start summing up prices. All of a sudden, you feel weak. Your heart starts to sink as a heavy feeling builds up inside your chest. Oh, the final price. You’ve expected this, but it still has an overwhelming impact every time. Even a deep sigh only does little to make you feel better.

Although it’s impossible to relocate without spending a dime, you can always chop down costs.

Here are eight valuable tips from Cheap Movers Riverside to save money on your next move.

1. Plan Your Move

Nothing’s more disastrous for your budget than moving without a plan. You might want to cut right to the chase, pack everything, and head out. How you wish it’s as easy as that.

First, you need to determine whether DIY moving or hiring a moving company will work best for you.

  • How far are you going to travel?
  • Do you need to be at your new place within a designated date?
  • What kind of appliances do you own?
  • Can you pack all of your stuff by yourself?
  • Do you need to move special furniture such as pianos and antique mirrors?

When you decide to move by yourself, be prepared to exert a tremendous amount of effort. Although it might seem like a great way to save money, some downsides come with it. Heavy lifting can cause injuries if not done correctly. Plus, your items might get damaged during transit when not packed properly.

That’s why hiring movers can actually cost you less in the long run. They can safely deliver your items to your new home. You won’t have to worry about medical bills or repairs. With the fast-growing demand, it’s now easy to find a professional moving company that offers affordable rates.

2. Choosing the Best Time to Move

Moving companies will be busy at some points of the year. And when they do, rates can dramatically increase. Summer is the most expensive time to move as everyone is eager to relocate under the great weather. High demand means companies will charge more for their services. Meanwhile, winter is the best season if you’re looking to scrimp since moving business can be stale. You might even snatch some holiday discounts. On top of that, choose to relocate on a weekday. There are fewer demands from Mondays to Thursdays since most people tend to run errands on weekends.

3. Don’t Bother with a Garage Sale

Selling items you won’t be bringing is an excellent way to cover up some of your moving expenses. Many guides encourage you to host a garage sale, but it’ll better if you skip it entirely. Hosting one can be time-consuming, especially if you’re in a race against the clock.

A better alternative is to take photos of the item you want to sell and post it on social media. Usually, interested buyers will come to your home to pick up the stuff they want.

4. Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Why? So that you can compare their prices! Having a variety of options can help you choose the perfect service that fits your budget. It’s advisable to get at least quotes from three different companies — the more, the better.

5. Buy Boxes from Stores

One box doesn’t cost much, but you will need a lot when you move that things can get pricey. The best way to cut the costs is to visit local stores and ask if you can buy some. Since they have a large supply of boxes, you can bargain for a discount when buying in bulks.

Anyway, just because it costs extra doesn’t mean you should disregard using professional boxes from your movers. Their boxes are usually lightweight, durable, and designed to carry household items. Investing in these boxes reduces the risk of damage to your belongings, especially fragile ones.

6. Be Wise in Packing Your Stuff

You can save quite the cash if you pack items yourself. With that being said, you can even save more if you utilize pre-existing resources in your home, such as:

  • Padding the inside of boxes with newspapers.
  • Using old linen or used clothes instead of bubble wraps.
  • Using old blankets to wrap large pieces of furniture

Don’t forget to label each box to save you time during unpacking!

7. Ship Books using Postal Service

Books take up decent space and are heavy to move. If you own many books, separate those you want to keep, then sell or donate the rest. Pack the remaining ones in boxes, and send them through US Postal Service via Media Mail. It might take a while to arrive, but you will save a lot of space and money.

8. Cooperate with Your Movers

Movers charge an hourly rate for their services. So you want to make the most of their time and ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. Arrange your boxes, organize your items, and try to stay out of the way. Process paperwork beforehand to reserve the elevator for movers if you live in a condo.

How to Find an Affordable Moving Company?

The answer is simple: Do your research. Any information you can get your hands on is valuable to ensure the success of your move. You can do this by:

  • Checking the website of a company and assess its online presence.
  • Read customer reviews
  • Compare services from different companies
  • Ask them about any hidden charges that you have to be aware of.

And that’s it! Bear in mind that the ultimate key to an affordable move is finding a good moving company. Wishing you a seamless move. Good luck!

The Complete Guide to Retiring in California

When the time comes that you have to retire, you will have to make crucial decisions involving your future. One of those decisions involves where you’ll settle down for your golden years. However, the chore of taking a look at all your options can get a little overwhelming. To save you from all that trouble, we’ve compiled this concise yet informational guide on why you should retire in gorgeous California.

The state of California has long been a place where people go to start anew. With plenty of highly regarded retirement communities to choose from, California is a worthwhile home filled with natural wonders that include stunning ocean vistas, majestic mountains, and lush forests. And with the pleasant climate blessing the state with a lot of sunshine for most of the year, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities all year long.

California’s high quality of life, robust job opportunities, and highly acclaimed health care facilities make the state a popular choice amongst retirees, according to a recent report that analyzed 125 of the United States’ largest urban areas. The study was an in-depth one that left no stone unturned as it took a close look into data about the affordability of housing, happiness, desirability, retiree taxes, the job market, and availability of quality health care.

The state, though, has some serious drawbacks that you need to be aware of. For one, there are plenty of states that offer better value for your money since the cost of real estate and the overall cost of living is higher in California. Despite that, the ideal weather, tax exemptions, and availability of recreational, educational, and cultural activities still make California a suitable place to call your home once retirement beckons.

If you’re still not convinced as to the feasibility of making California your home well into your golden years, there are a few more reasons that can sway your decision. Check out this CA moving guide:

1) California is ripe with opportunities for financial prosperity

If you wish to continue working even during your retirement years, California is the place to be. There is no denying that the cost of living is higher here than in other states. However, income is also generally higher. The median household income in the state of California is an eye-popping $8,000 higher than the national average.

2) Enjoy multiple tax exemptions

Taxes in California may be fairly high but you’ll be delighted to know that the government recognizes how challenging it can be for seniors to earn enough to pay off such high rates. And so, the state has created specific housing and sales tax exemptions geared to lessen the financial burdens of retirees.

Groceries and prescription drugs — which are two of the biggest expenses for seniors — are also not subject to any sales tax. Also, there is a housing tax exemption of $7,000 for those residing in their own home. Those who fulfill income requirements may also enjoy deferred property tax payment, further reducing taxes.

3) Bask in pleasant weather all year long

Most of the state enjoys temperatures ranging in the 70s all year round with almost no chance of snow. This mild climate makes California an ideal destination for seniors from all over the country as it allows them to enjoy sunshine-filled days, exploring the many different scenic spots of the state.

In California, you’ll have your fill of the great outdoors with exceptional recreational activities available. With the coastline of the Pacific Ocean stretching from Mexico to the border of Oregon and the grand Sierra Nevada mountain range forming the spine of the state, fun is sure to be waiting around the bend.

4) Be more relaxed with the ocean vibe

California is renowned for its long coastline — 900 miles long to be exact — with hundreds of gorgeous beaches dotting the coast. This is great for seniors, as studies have shown that living near the ocean can greatly lessen stress and result in better mobility, thereby keeping you healthier and more relaxed.

5) Take a trip around the world with your belly

In California, you can enjoy French pastries for breakfast, have Japanese ramen for lunch before topping the day off with some Chinese food for dinner. Whatever your palate demands and whenever you crave it, California is sure to have it. The state is a veritable melting pot, drawing people from all corners of the world to offer you unique gastronomic experiences all through your retirement years.

6) Explore California’s world-class vineyards

The famous Napa Valley sits in California and there, you can take your pick from almost 400 different vineyards and tasting rooms. The number goes up to 600 if you include nearby Sonoma. So, bottoms up!

7) You’ll have access to fresh, healthy food

California’s agriculture industry is highly acclaimed for its fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. You can find farmer’s markers scattered all over the state, giving you unequaled access to fresh food all the time.